LogSaw Project

LogSaw – a high-performance log viewer based on Eclipse

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On July 23rd 2009, I committed the first check-in for this project into my closed-source Subversion repository. It has come quite along way since then, and hopefully the journey has just begun.

However, I have to apologize for not keeping up with my schedules. I didnt have enough spare time on my hands to make substantial progress. Until that changes, I will resort from throwing around with new schedules :-)

After having started with the documentation stuff, I discovered that the docbook stylesheets used for generating the documentation on-the-fly during build process were inflating the project stats on Ohloh.

While this might not be the biggest problem in the world, I still found it annoying as hell. So, now I have implemented a work-around that also unzips the docbook stuff on-the-fly so that it doesn’t need to sit in subversion.

That was probably the most superfluous half-hour that I have spent for a while…

In a first attempt to provide some documentation, I have added a FAQ section covering various topics. Be sure to check it out if you encounter any problems.

You might wonder where the builds for LogSaw actually come from. Since February 2010, LogSaw is built by Hudson in corporation with Buckminster.

It was a rather tedious act to get it to work, but since then it has been working rather nicely and it definitely saves time. Plus you can hook some great stuff into Hudson, for example Sonar. Sonar integrates a bunch of static code analysis utilities into a simple to use web-interface, which can help to improve overall code quality.

Since the release of M1, I have setup a Sonar instance and started working on the issues identified by it. So this is basically what the last few check-ins were all about…