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Because of a rather nasty bug, here comes another update!

Changes in this release:
Fixed NullPointerException when synchronizing log resources that have no timestamp field (ID: 3485287). Please note: In such a case, the log resource is now automatically truncated before each synchronize to avoid duplicates.

The auto-truncate will also be performed in case a timestamp field does exist, but with no date component (i.e. HH:mm:ss).

The long overdue release 1.0.2 is out now! It brings some bugfixes and improvements, most notably:
- When adding a new log resource, patterns are remembered and can be re-used (use CTRL+Space in the pattern text field)
- New JBoss 7 log dialect
- Fixed bugs when pattern did not contain timestamp
- Updated Eclipse runtime to 3.7 and Lucene to 3.5

As usual, you can get it from SourceForge.net or via the built-in update function.

Hot on the heels of 1.0.0 comes the first bugfix release. It’s primarily intended to fix problems on Linux. But to make it a worthwhile upgrade, I have also merged some of the changes from the 1.1 stream: most notably, you won’t need to close a log viewer anymore in order to see new entries after synchronizing the log resource.

As usual, you can get it from SourceForge.net or via the built-in update function.

After having sorted out the p2 problems, the final release is now available for download on SourceForge.net. Alternatively, simply start LogSaw 1.0.0 RC1 and the final bits will be offered to you via the built-in update function.

Release 1.0.0 is basically ready, however it turned out during my final tests that the update function in RC1 doesn’t pickup the final bits for some odd reason. I will have to look into this further.

The RC1 is out now. Fetch it from SourceForge.net as usual.

So whats new? With this release, Eclipse platform has been updated to Eclipse 3.6.1 and a new ‘Check for Updates’ feature has been added that is based on Eclipse p2.

Though, the best addition is probably the Quick Filter function. Sometimes screenshots tell more than a hundred words…

The new Quick Filter menu in action

The often delayed M4 release of LogSaw is out now! Most notably this milestone is the first one shipping with documentation (it’s not that much yet, but it’s way better than nothing). Also, LogSaw has been migrated to Eclipse RCP 3.6, including a shiny new feature. And last but not least, some improvements have been made in the Log4J parser engine.

Snag it from SourceForge.net as usual.

The title says it all :-) This milestone brings many bugfixes and support for IBM WebSphere logs. Feel free to snag it from SourceForge.

As promised, Milestone 2 is being released today.

It adds a bit of polish here and there when compared to M1. In particular:

  • When re-opening a log resource, the last active filter is re-applied
  • You can save and load arbitrary filters in the Filter Settings dialog. I hope I have made this feature intuitive enough, atleast until documentation is done…
  • You can drop all log entries from a log resource using the new Truncate action. This is useful i.e. for rolling log files, where you don’t want to keep everything that has happened weeks ago. In the past you had to delete the log resource entirely, and then re-import. Now you can simply use Truncate occasionally :)

Apart from that, a bunch of bugfixes also made it in this release. Plus, I could remove the dependency on org.eclipse.core.resources which makes the download a bit smaller.

As usual you can get it from SourceForge.net.

Note: Log resources imported with M1 will not be picked up by M2. You will need to re-import them!

This application requires Java 6, a tiny fact that I had forgotten somewhere on the way to M1 :-/

So the only change in M1a is that the app will show a proper error message if launched with Java 5 or lower (M1 would just refuse to start with no specific error given).

Some advice for people who already tried M1:

  • If you are happily running M1, you can safely skip this update!
  • If LogSaw M1 refused to start for you, make sure that you have Java 6 installed and then extract it again; otherwise it will continue not to work eventhough Java 6 is installed