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As for updates: There have been a whole lot of changes since the 1.0.1. Though, most of them were somehow related to the Git move or some infrastructure changes (Eclipse updates, Lucene updates etc.), so there is no real benefit for the user.

The only real changes that come to my mind right now are: support for JBoss AS 7 and a minor bugfix related to pagination. But since the last release is getting quite old now, I’m looking forward to release a minor update within the next few weeks.

So 2010 is almost over and I feel it’s time to share some of the plans I have for this humble project for next year:

  • Move to Git
    I’m not sure whether it is because of SourceForge being so slow or because of Subversion itself, but working with the SVN repository seems terribly painful. With all the cool kids moving to Git, it’s probably time to follow suit.
  • Put out one or more Feature Releases (1.1, …)
    Some feature requests have already been posted in the tracker and some of them should better be implemented sooner than later.
  • Put out Framework Release (2.0?)
    I have often stated that I envision LogSaw as a framework that everyone and his dog can build upon to parse and analyze arbitrary log files or even other data. This will require a major re-engineering effort so it will definitely take some time. But on the other hand, it’s definitely a challenge I’m looking forward to :-)

Howdy! It’s mid-October already, so where is the RC?? Well, shame on me there is still one documentation todo on my list: document the different dialects and their known limitations. Apart from that, I’m also waiting for some outstanding Buckminster bugfixes related to MacOS branding.

On the bright side of things, I have pimped the documentation infrastructure a bit more and enabled it to export the documentation as PDF as well. This might come in handy, because I still need to find some shape or another to post the documentation onto this website.

So, bottom line is it’s atleast another week until the RC will be ready on my end — and I just hope the Buckminster folks can deliver sometime soon.

The good news first: The documentation task is finally being adressed. All the infrastructure work is done since the past weekend so I can focus on hacking away the contents. The highlight of the chosen implementation is definitely that the documentation HTML is generated on-the-fly during build from a DocBook 5 XML file. Plus, the infrastructure for context-sensitive-help is also up and running, so things are shaping up nicely.

Now, the bad news is that I’m again behind schedule. continue reading…

Some time has passed since Milestone 3 and it appears to have been quite a success. We still don’t have any reported bugs and during my quite frequent use of it at work I didn’t experience any oddities either. Good stuff :-)

That’s not ment to say that where isn’t alot of potential for improvement though, which brings us back on topic… continue reading…

I have decided to change my earlier plans a bit, and release M3 this weekend.

The reasons for this are manifold. First I have fixed alot of rather nasty parsing bugs that I encountered during testing, which alone would justify a release. Also I have finished a really huge reengineering, that should definitely improve overall application robustness. And finally, the WebSphere support is rocking now :-)

Though, I will have to fix another bug and add a few more JUnit tests, before M3 will be rolling out. Stay tuned.

Here is the tentative release schedule up to 1.0.0 final.

  • M2: April 19th – Usability improvements
  • M3: May 19th – WebSphere dialect, overall documentation, <insert your feature request here>
  • RC: Early June – P2 update function
  • Final: mid-June

After release of 1.0.0, work will continue immediately on 1.1 which will be based on Eclipse Platform 3.6. If you have any super cool feature requests that you would like to see in 1.0, feel free to post them in the comments or open a ticket in our SourceForge.net tracker.