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First of all, sorry for the slow updates! I’ve been quite busy lately, and LogSaw already does pretty much all I need, so the pressure for me to make changes has been quite low. Though, it’s still all alive and development should continue soon :-)

I have been playing around with Buckminster some more recently, and I ended up making the whole development process alot easier (did I already mention, that I really like Bucky?). So, if you ever wanted to play around with the LogSaw source yourself, but were unsure on how to get started: The new Building LogSaw tutorial should help you to get started.

P2 update should work now, after I have changed the product configuration to follow a standard layout that is recommended by the Buckminster folks.

RCP Product configuration best practice

The configuration is depicted in the diagram shown above. For building, we first import site.feature. This feature in turn includes the product.feature and buckminster.cspex that will contribute the create.product and create.product.zip Buckminster actions.
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