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One of the really cool things about Maven is how well-supported it is. Ironically, I realized this while trying to figure out how to solve a bug in Maven-Tycho.
Long story short: My build machine at home is running Windows and that is causing troubles with Tycho doing cross-platform builds on it.

For several reasons, switching the OS is not an option for me and so I went on looking for alternatives. I came across CloudBees, which — as their company name suggests — are offering a bunch of services in the cloud. Most notably, a free Jenkins instance.

The service works suprisingly well so far. And thanks to the power of Maven, setting it up was a breeze. A picture tells a thousand words :-)

CloudBees Jenkins instance

I have finally updated the building instructions page for the new Tycho-based build process. There are still some outstanding issues with this new build process though:

  • p2.inf touchpoints are not picked up anymore
  • version and build number expansion doesn’t work anymore

But I think these remaining issues should be fixable with reasonable effort.

Tonight, I have started migrating the build infrastructure behind LogSaw from Buckminster to Maven-Tycho. Please note that you may experience weird problems until all kinks are sorted out. I will keep you posted.