Some time has passed since Milestone 3 and it appears to have been quite a success. We still don’t have any reported bugs and during my quite frequent use of it at work I didn’t experience any oddities either. Good stuff :-)

That’s not ment to say that where isn’t alot of potential for improvement though, which brings us back on topic…
There will be a Milestone 4, but it will feature just two things over M3: 1) P2-enablement and 2) user documentation. This Milestone is currently targeted for the end of the month; it will then be followed by one or more RCs (if necessary) and the final 1.0 bits by mid-July.

If you followed the project a bit, you know that the mission states that it should also provide a framework for developers to build their own log file parsers on; but frankly, I feel that this part isn’t mature enough yet. I have been playing around with OSGI Declarative Services lately and it undoubtly has a few advantages over the current Eclipse extension point approach, but incorporating these changes into 1.0 would completely screw the schedule.

Long story short, expect the framework stuff to come into life with 1.1.