P2 update should work now, after I have changed the product configuration to follow a standard layout that is recommended by the Buckminster folks.

RCP Product configuration best practice

The configuration is depicted in the diagram shown above. For building, we first import site.feature. This feature in turn includes the product.feature and buckminster.cspex that will contribute the create.product and create.product.zip Buckminster actions.

Next, the product feature includes all the components that make up the actual product. Most notably, it also contains the product definition itself. This product definition is based solely on the product feature and has no version defined. Because of this, the product version will be copied from the product feature which makes the whole versioning more simple and easier to grasp.

Finally, using Buckminsters built-in qualifier replacement, the qualifier part of the product feature and plugins will be replaced using the SVN revision number. This will ensure that updates are found and only those parts are updated that have changed.

That’s about it, I hope this info will help out someone or another :)