As promised, Milestone 2 is being released today.

It adds a bit of polish here and there when compared to M1. In particular:

  • When re-opening a log resource, the last active filter is re-applied
  • You can save and load arbitrary filters in the Filter Settings dialog. I hope I have made this feature intuitive enough, atleast until documentation is done…
  • You can drop all log entries from a log resource using the new Truncate action. This is useful i.e. for rolling log files, where you don’t want to keep everything that has happened weeks ago. In the past you had to delete the log resource entirely, and then re-import. Now you can simply use Truncate occasionally :)

Apart from that, a bunch of bugfixes also made it in this release. Plus, I could remove the dependency on org.eclipse.core.resources which makes the download a bit smaller.

As usual you can get it from

Note: Log resources imported with M1 will not be picked up by M2. You will need to re-import them!