This guide will take you through setting up an Eclipse workspace for hacking away on LogSaw.


Workspace setup:

First, go to the Git perspective and clone the logsaw-app Git repository:

Once the repository is available in the Git perspective, simply right-click on it and choose Import projects... > Import existing projects. Then, select all projects and finish the wizard.

You should now have all the projects in your workspace, but some of them will be marked as erroneous. To fix this, navigate into the releng project, and open the file in there. In the Target Definition editor, hit the Set as Target Platform button in the upper right corner.

That’s it!

Performing a build:

So, you have made some changes and want to test drive them? To do so, simply right-click on the releng project and choose Run As > Maven build.... In the following dialog, enter the goals clean package and then hit run.

After the build has finished, the products can be found in /

Getting your changes merged:

If you made some cool stuff with LogSaw and want it to become part of the main stream, you can do so by sending a Git pull request. I can make no guarantees on whether they will be accepted, but in general improvements are always welcome :-)